Amiran BioChemicals supplies cleaning environmentally friendly cleaning products for retail, private label, and industrial distribution.

Jugs.jpgAmiran BioChemicals, a division of Amiran Technologies, develops, manufactures, and provides products and services for industrial cleaning and remediation. More than 25 proprietary cleaning solutions are available ranging from powerful industrial degreasers to fast acting odor control products.

The advanced technology behind all Amiran BioChemicals products reflects our belief that today's solutions can do more than be marginally acceptable. . . they can also be highly effective and have a positive environmental effect. This concept formed the basis for the development of a unique range of chemical formulations for both home and industry.

Amiran BioChemicals cleaning compounds use new, proprietary technology for both general purpose and emulsion degreasing applications. The cleaners are particularly effective on oils, grease, and metals; they are safe to handle, rapidly biodegradable, and produce no noxious fumes or gases. These products are replacements for a wide variety of halogenated hydrocarbon and chlorofluorocarbon based cleaners which are being phased out under increasingly stringent government regulations.

Unlike certain other techniques (e.g. detergents or microbial cultures), Amiran BioChemicals products work by augmenting strong cleaning power with the ability to accelerate the natural degradation of organic pollutants. Formulations include applications in the oil and gas, utility, chemical, mining, automotive, manufacturing, marine, RV, home, engineering/parts and transportation industries.

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